A well organised society can be created when the member of the society arewell disciplined, punctual, physically fit, mentally accurate, disciplined, work-in-coordination..... Sports play a vital role in developing all these features.Being aware of this, the college has given importance and encouragement insports activities since its initiation.Students are provided opportunity to join various sports and games of their interest according to the facilities available in the campus. Facilities available in the campus includes for the events like hockey, basket ball, hand ball, football, volley ball, table tennis, shuttle badminton and athletics.In the initial stages students were encouraged by arranging interclass and intercollege tournaments. Since 2010 our students started making their achievementsat higher levels all through these years making achievements at university levelinter college, south zone inter university and national levels

Facilities available:

Indoor facilities:
Table Tennis - 15.328 sq mts.
Chess and Carom - 27.87 sq mts.
Staff Room - 32 sq mts.

Outdoor facilities:
Volleyball\Throw Ball - 800 sq mts.
Basket ball court – 665 sq mts
Foot ball court – 4000 sq mts
Athletics – 200 mts
Hand ball – 600 sq mts
Hockey – 4000 sq mts

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