The department of Kannada was established in the year 2007. All the under graduate courses (B.C.A, B.COM, B.B.M) have Kannada as second language in the curriculum.

Kannada being the regional language, majority of the students opt it. Majority of our students are from rural background and their mother tongue being kannada teaching them is effective. Their proficiency in Kannada language is good, the success rate is very high and the dropout rate is very low.

The College library and the departmental library have adequate number of books in Kannada language and literature. Lecture method is predominantly followed along with group discussions, guest lectures and seminars in teaching-learning process. Evaluation of the students is being made on the basis of their performance in Tests, Re-tests, Assignments, Seminars and Semester wise examinations. The faculty members wholeheartedly participate and involve themselves in personal counseling of the students to address their grievances.


Language is Design of life


Re-Creation Of Behaviour through Communication.

Introduction Of Expression and Life With Language.

Creation of values from teaching strategies and personality development.

The department maintains a departmental library, along with the main library. Consist of subject reference, Aptitude books, autobiographies, spiritual books, novels.

The students who are from out of state to join in our college the spoken kannada language is taught and we facilitate the students to improve the writing skills also.

Our department helps the students to learn kannada Nudi kannada typing through Nudi Software.

We assign the projects and assignments work on kannada literature.

We regularly conduct the seminars on literature i e, history of kannada literature growth and future prospectus of our kannada literature.

We give the platform for the students who are interested in kannada literature in writing poems, nudi kavana, stories, articles, kannada culture etc..

We assign the students to work on deferent kannada laureates, their life history, their work and their contribution to the kannada literature.

We provide the books related to the literature to promote the reading habits of the students.

We inspire the students to read the life instances of the laureates to adopt practically through the books, short films so that students can be expected to become productive and pro culture.

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