“Cultural difference should not separate us from each other but rather cultural diversity brings a collective strength that can benefit all of humanity”

To promote a “Dynamic cultural heritage” St Anne’s Degree College formed “Cultural Club” in the year 2015 to bring out the hidden talents and to provide a better stage and opportunities to the students through organizing various events.

Cultural club is a student body which is responsible for all the cultural events in this institution around the years. It comprises various sections which take care of the different fields of cultural event. It helps you to discover your own talent and work out on it to bring out a better ‘’ you”.

The cultural club of this institution aims to bring out the talents in the student community in all the possible forms. As cultural activities are an integral part of leisure and recreation, the club organizes various cultural activities like group dance, carol singing, mehandi, rangoli competitions to enrich the student’s talents. Apart from participating in a multitude of events, the students also get first hand experiences of organizing and managing the events and of course, it caters to the creative needs of the students.

This club is formed to fulfill the following objectives:
• To provide the right platform for students to showcase their talents.
• To make students confident and competitive.
• To encourage students to develop their creative skills.
• To help students in gaining experience in organizing and managing the events.




Rev. Fr. Rony Ravikumar


Mrs. Hema B.D


Mrs. Nirmala M.T

Faculty Member

Miss.Delphina J

Faculty Member

Miss. Monisha Shiny

Faculty Member

Mrs. Muthamma

Faculty Member